Be confident with your 9 to 5 style

Posted by PalmBeach Jewelry on Apr 2nd 2013

Be confident with your 9 to 5 style

Getting ready for work and looking fashionable - as well as appropriate - while still getting to the office on time can be quite the struggle for many business women. Skirts should be a certain length, earrings shouldn't be too loud or distracting and you should be comfortable yet not too cozy that you feel like you're wearing sweatpants. Some ladies have gotten the look down pat - take Olivia Palermo, for example. She may not have a 9 to 5 desk job, but she knows how to dress for any corporate environment, often donning tailored pants, fitted jackets, peplum blouses and just the right amount of jewelry.

One way that she has often jazzed up a look is with a single piece of statement jewelry - a necklace or watch seem to be favorites of hers. The statement necklace is a tried-and-true accessory for the office, as it rests in one place on your neck and doesn't distract you or move like chunky earrings or bangles would. A watch is another signature accessory in the office. Not only do you want to steer away from constantly glancing at your cell phone for the time, but it also adds a touch of maturity and class to your look.

Zoe Saldana knows how to work the professional yet fashionably chic look as well. Often referred to as a leader of today's style realm, the star looks flawless in just about anything, thanks to her glowing skin and dancer physique. One of her favorite casual looks is ideal for the office: an oversized, button-down shirt and fitted jeans, if your workplace is more relaxed. To keep the look clean, tuck in the top and add classic studs to keep it simple yet pulled together. 

To apply one of these office-ready looks, try pairing the Crystal Briolette And "DiamonUltra" Cubic Zirconia Flower Bouquet Pendant-Necklace with a peplum blouse and tailored pants, and get ready to tackle those meetings head on.