How to perfect girly punk style

Posted by PalmBeach Jewelry on Mar 22nd 2013

How to perfect girly punk style

Having girly punk style doesn't have to mean chains hanging from your waist, ripped fishnet tights and massive holes in your ears. Today's trends allow you to tastefully add some '90s grunge or punk to your otherwise feminine ensemble and look just a tad edgier than the norm. Celebrities are constantly trying this fashionable blend on the red carpet, whether with their choice of accessories like bracelets and earrings or with their shoes, hairstyles or clutch.

Gwen Stefani
One of the pioneers of punk-rock style is Gwen Stefani. The front woman of No Doubt and style icon is constantly breaking the mold on the red carpet, on stage and even just walking to the grocery store, and part of her appeal is her edgy elegance. Slicked back, blonde hair, bright red lips, perfectly lined eyes and skintight leather pants are part of her signature look, but Stefani doesn't stop there. She keeps people guessing with elaborate necklaces that look like something Cleopatra would have worn during the Ancient Egyptian age, or sometimes when she's feeling really bold, she adorns her face with sparkling rhinestones. While she saves many of these show-stopping looks for her concerts, you can try one of her looks like the Multi-Layered Cable Chain Necklace In Tutone with an edgy outfit and see if you feel your own rock 'n' roll personality emerge.

Kristen Stewart
No matter how quiet or uncomfortable Kristen Stewart may look in front of the camera, they still seem to follow her wherever she goes. Perhaps they're so intrigued because of her unique style - one that fuses a rebellious teen with '80s punk. This look seems so natural to the young actress that she even took the role of Joan Jett in "The Runaways," which also stars Dakota Fanning. Stewart pairs skinny jeans, a rock band tee and Converse Chucks with her favorite pair of sunglasses and  leather wrap bracelets - one of the only jewelry accessories that she wears. She also has an apparent obsession with rings - preferably multiple on one finger. The quirkier, the better for Kristen Stewart, so if you're looking to follow suit, just think of accessories that are more outside the box.

Taylor Momsen
Another young fashionista on the edgy punk scene is Taylor Momsen, who has seemingly trademarked the heavy eye makeup look. If you're feeling daring, Momsen might be the one to emulate, as she takes the punk-rock look the farthest out of most popular celebrities. Black chain necklaces and chokers, spiky bracelets and cross jewelry are pieces you can add to your ensemble. Try the Unisex Stainless Steel Black ION-Plated Cross Pendant And Rubber Cord Necklace Adjustable 24" To 27" to start.

After playing gothic dress up, you might decide you're just not ready for the fashion makeover. If that's the case, start with a pair of dark-colored stud earrings, that give a subtle edge to your ensemble without being too over-powering.