Pearl Styles for any Outfit or Season

Posted by PalmBeach Jewelry on May 9th 2022

Pearl Styles for any Outfit or Season

Pearl jewelry has been in fashion since its’ discovery. A versatile investment-piece that looks absolutely gorgeous adorned with almost anything. Pearls are staple pieces, integral to every woman’s closet. Whether you already own a couple or are looking to start your collection, PalmBeach Jewelry is the place to go. Always in vogue & elegant we offer the best & most in freshwater pearls, from dainty & subtle to grand statement pieces

When purchasing freshwater pearls you’ll want to pay attention to the sizing to find what’s best for you & the event you’ll be attending. As always, this is just a general rule of thumb & all that matters is that you’re comfortable & feel absolutely stunning

6.0-7.0mm: Smaller pearls, more uniform in size, ideal for those with petite frames or one’s who appreciate a more delicate & dainty look

7.0-8.0mm: The most popular size of pearls, uniform in size, classic pearl-size. Versatile, generally fits all & retains that subtle but substantial look.

8.0-10.0mm: A larger freshwater pearl, better as statement pieces, more diversity amongst pearls, but still cohesive. Good for rings as well!

Larger than 10.0mm: Quite rare to find in freshwater pearls, so most likely won’t be available in necklaces but rather a statement ring or earrings. Could also be adorned amongst other jewels in a bracelet.

Freshwater pearls are an inexpensive alternative to Akoya pearls, but by no means they aren’t high quality & durable. These beauties are well-known for their incredible variety of shapes & sizes, plus their lustrous natural colors & unique overtones. They have a satin-like luster that creates an illuminating subtle glow, rather than a glaring shine.

This classic adornment can be fashioned with anything from a low-key jeans and top, to sundress, to a gala ball-gown! At PalmBeach Jewelry you’ll find an enormous array of freshwater pearls, from pearl necklaces, to pearl bracelets and earrings. Look beautiful whilst staying on budget, shop our pearls now.