Summer Brides

Posted by PalmBeach Jewelry on May 9th 2022

Summer Brides

We know that things may be very up in the air and unsettled currently do to the COVID-19 pandemic, however all of us here at PalmBeach Jewelry are still operating as usual with the proper safety measures to ensure we can offer gorgeous jewels to all our customers! If you were supposed to be a summer bride this year in 2020 or you’re rearranging your plans for next summer, we have amazing options to bedazzle you for your special day!

One of the easiest ways to accessorize for a summer bride is by wearing a stunning matching jewelry set. At PalmBeach Jewelry – we have almost 400 beautiful jewelry sets for you to shop through! Whether you’re a gold, silver, or rose gold lover – there are plenty of options for your summer wedding! When planning accessories for a summer wedding, we have simple jewelry sets, statement jewelry sets and even pearl jewelry sets! This selection all depends on your wedding dress style and what makes you feel the most beautiful as a summer bride!

The next way to accessorize for a summer wedding is by wearing a gorgeous pair of eye-catching earrings. Our chandelier and drop earrings contain perfect summer options in lots of different materials that will be sure to match the aesthetic of your wedding. Additionally, we have simpler options for earrings as well like dainty little studs that sparkle just the right amount for your summer wedding. We also offer unique hoop earrings that will compliment any summer bride.

What is a summer wedding without a beautiful summer ring? PalmBeach Jewelry is known for our endless options of rings in all different shapes and sizes. With over 300 options in our Bridal Sets category, you’re sure to find your perfect summer wedding ring!

A bracelet is often an overlooked aspect of jewelry accessorizing – especially for a summer wedding! If you plan on getting married at a beach – you could opt for an elevated charm bracelet to tie in the summery vibes with your accessories! Another option is the classic tennis bracelet style to add a touch of glam to your whole look. Lastly, we offer lots of cubic zirconia bracelets as well that would be perfect to add for a summer bride.

Finally, another one of the ways PalmBeach Jewelry can help you prepare for your summer wedding is with the most gorgeous fragrance that will always make you remember your special day! Whether you’re favorite scent is something light and airy, sweet and juicy, or musky and cozy – we’ve got you covered with plenty of options at amazing prices.